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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules I_icon_minitimeMon May 11, 2009 4:46 pm

Guild Rules

Hi, and welcome to Legacy of Carnage. We are a very friendly, helpful, and active guild.
We do not have a minimum level requirement, as to not exclude anyone based on their level.


All members are urged to be very active. Your participation is what will make ours a successful guild.
If you are not going to be in game for more than a week, please post under "Out of Game".


Our guild's attitude as a whole is very positive, supportive, friendly, and helpful.
Above all, we have mutual respect for other members, and are treated as family.
We understand, like in any family, a conflict may arise. If a problems arises,
please come see any guild master or manager. If the problem still isn't resolved,
please come see Luna for counsel. We will do everything we can to to see that it
gets sorted out.


This forum was created for you. Please visit frequently, as we love to see you here.
In addition, all of the latest guild updates and activities will be posted regularly.

Guild Meetings

Guild meetings will be held once a week. All guild masters and managers will attend.
Meeting minutes will be posted after each meeting, and will contain all that was discussed.
If you have a question or concern, please PM any guild master, and we will discuss it when we meet.


During guild meetings, we will most likely be discussing new ideas for the guild, or a possible
change to a current one. As they come up, we will post ideas for you to vote on under "Vote!" forum.
There, each member will have an opportunity to make his/her voice heard.
Legacy of Carnage is YOUR guild, so please vote in order to make a difference.


Be careful when making a trade with another player. Be sure that each party understands the trade
agreement. This ensures a peaceful trade.
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Guild Rules
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